I Hate Delays (Or, Why I Love Vanguard)

Too late, Fidelity!

As some of you may know, I have a supplemental 403(b) through my employer and I’m throwing 20% of my pre-tax money in there. That is through my employer’s provider, Fidelity. I also contribute after-tax to Vanguard, about 10% of my gross income.

I love Vanguard because my contributions show up the same day they’re drawn from my account, so I can invest them immediately. I hate Fidelity (it’s a mild hate) because my contributions don’t show up in my account until a market day later. My pay date is the 16th. If that falls on a Saturday, we get paid on the Friday before. This month (February 2019 if you’re reading this later) I got paid on the 15th, and the money didn’t appear to hit my 403(b) until Tuesday February 19th because of the market holiday. Now, if I want to verify the purchase I have to try and figure out what the market prices were for my investments on last Friday.

It’s not a huge deal, just aggravating. If Vanguard can display the information same-day, there’s no reason Fidelity can’t as well. /rant

Up soon will be my February update, now that I have my fricken-fracken retirement account balances. grumble, grumble