Keurig Frugal Win

Ok, this may not seem like much, but it’s big to me. My living situation recently changed (more on that in my last post here) which means my roommate’s Keurig went with him to his next place. The last time a roommate moved out and took their Keurig, I bought one (on clearance thanks to some discount hacking) for $20. Sadly, it never worked. This was about 2 years ago.

The broken Keurig languished on a shelf until last week I woke up without a Keurig for the first time. That night I found a few YouTube videos and made the attempt. Basically the thoughts for fixing a Keurig amount to jiggling parts until it starts working. I did that and, lo and behold, it works now! With just a few hours work, my $20 sunk cost, and a lot of swearing in the kitchen I get to have coffee again, yay!

My lesson in this really is I need to try at least once to fix something first before buying new. Even when inertia and laziness are fighting me tooth and nail.

Good luck to everyone in your FI endeavors, and if you’re in Champaign let me know – I’ll make you a cup of coffee!